Living portals

On earth, energetically speaking, there are two types of people. One has a fully developed chakra system consisting of seven main chakras. The others have a developed chakra system up to the third chakra. They are from lower dimensions, which are mainly limited to material structure. This is not good or bad, but another level of development of being. They come through energetic portals to lower dimensions here on earth.

In the same way there are energetic portals of higher dimensions, but until recently most of them were sealed. Beings of higher dimensions up to the source of all being contact us through these portals. It is an infinite matrix that continues infinitely in a spiral. People who have a developed 7-chakra system can feel the connection to All That Is through this matrix and experience themselves as a part of the greater whole. But those whose chakras are only developed up to the third chakra cannot experience this. They should be here to complete their chakra system. They are our soul children, so to speak. They do not have the possibility to awaken. They need to be provided with an environment that is conducive to their natural development. Their being has not yet understood the basic substance of all being and so they are materially easy to manipulate. For the dark forces, however, they are very welcome.

As the earth and its inhabitants have been satanized for thousands of years, a parallel universe has been created. This universe is mirror inverted. The natural energetic flow from the spiritual to the material is twisted and instead goes from the material to the spiritual. Beings with a chakra system that is limited to the material have advantages in such a world. They are good tools of the dark forces. Nevertheless, these beings need energy from the source. For this reason, these beings with only three fully developed chakras like to connect with beings who have a fully developed chakra system. In this way they participate in the energy of their host. Often these different beings live together in families.

Basically, all beings in the universe are turned towards the light. They are living portals of light. This is especially true for beings with a complete chakra system.

What distinguishes these different beings?

With the chakras four up to seven the human being is turned towards the light. These beings are living portals of light. The connection to the source cannot be completely broken. For the dark powers they only serve as energy suppliers of universal light. However, those who are energetically anchored from the first to the third chakra are easily bound to matter. They see their fulfilment in the procurement of their material values. They can easily be used by the dark powers as portals for dark energies. Therefore, they are very useful in the creation of a parallel reality.

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