Homeopathy assumes that symptoms represent only the tip of the iceberg and do not represent the disease as a whole.  So the actual cause of disease is supposed to be a decreased vitality. Real health can only be restored when the vitality has back its natural balance.

In contrast to classical medicine, in homeopathy the disease is the expression of disgruntled vitality. Vitality is simply the force that keeps the organism alive and regulates all processes in the body.

Years of wrong nutrition, false behavior patterns, stress, traumatic childhood experiences and suchlike affect the vitality and it comes to disease. By the symptoms, the vitality tries to come back into balance. A cold or fever is therefore not the disease itself but only an expression of the life force being out of consistent, in its attempt to maintain homeostasis (balance). Now, if the fever is suppressed, for example, Interferon (an endogenous antiviral) is no longer produced in sufficient quantities and a viral infection drags on much longer than necessary.

Outer circumstances play a significant role. Whether, for example, one became ill after a grief experience or the disease was triggered by something else.

With her cure system Ira tries to capture the patient in its entirety in all its spheres of life to assign all the symptoms and past illnesses.


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