Jesus incarnation

After the downfall of Atlantis we, the lightworkers, were persecuted by the reptilians and spent about 500 years underwater in the Bermuda Triangle. The reptilians believed that they removed us from Earth for good. However, after our escape from the Bermuda Triangle, we reappeared on Earth with a group of lightworkers during the life of Jesus.

Jesusā€˜ soul journey started on the planet Maldek. This is his planetary origin. As depicted in the Bible, he lived in Nazareth.

Jesus and the lightworkers brought not only the Christ Consciousness, but also the knowledge about Atlantis and that we were cut off from the source energy by deception. Jesus also wanted to bring together as many lightworkers as possible. We, including Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the twelve apostles were the circle around Jesus. The Christ Consciousness was the consciousness of our group, together we had the possibility to carry more light.

We knew that people on earth had been manipulated since the time of Atlantis and had therefore forgotten the connection with the source and the spiritual aspects. We started to restore that by bringing back spirituality and we taught people again about their connection with the source energy.

At one point the rulers turned against Jesus. Judas who betrayed Jesus was not a bad person, but naive and influenced by Fallen Angel energy. After the capture, Jesus was transferred to the Romans by Barabbas, who was against our group and who was also influenced by Fallen Angels energy. In history they want us to believe that Julius Caesar was a pleasant man, but actually he is the opposite, he was a reptilian. He also destroyed all the knowledge stored in the library of Alexandria.

After a trial Jesus ended up in prison. They wanted to get rid of him and kill him. Because it was not customary at that time, Jesus was not crucified, but nailed to a board. A rich man, who had previously been brought back from the dead by Jesus, paid money to the prison guards to buy Jesus free. This rich man brought Jesus and our group out of the city to Ghana, because there was a certain energy there, which allowed us to continue our mission.

We lived in a large spiritual commune, with thousands of people around us. We had a good relationship with the people, we helped them, we did healing, we taught them, transferred our knowledge to them and put our capacities to work for them. By doing so, we protected our knowledge and carried it out so that it would not be lost.

Without spirituality, our planet earth is lost.

We were like missionaries. One of us went to Kenya twice for several months to give lessons about our mission. From Kenya people came back with us to our commune in Ghana and that was the beginning of our end. They were our future killers who were under the influence of the Fallen Angels. There was a gossip going around that we were magicians. They killed us all at once unexpectedly because of what they had heard about us. Except Mary Magdalene. She managed to escape with her two sons she had with Jesus and went to France.

That was the first time we were killed and died. We were stunned and in shock.

Death is something unnatural, installed on earth by means of the satellites. (See our blog about satellites) Because of this technology, karma exists. As a result, the souls cannot go back to the source. This is why we die and are born again, and this is why we are in an incarnation process. That’s why we were so surprised then that we couldn’t return when we died.

The reptilians wrote the Bible 400 years later, based on our story about the incarnation period of Jesus. Which is not true at all. The bible is written to deceive and to keep people away from our knowledge and the source connection.

The unnatural story of the Bible with its influence and confession of a faith outside yourself is really perfectly done.

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