Bioresonance is a treatment based on vibration. It takes effect on the energy state of our body. Assuming that everything in the universe vibrates, we in our entirety as well as each of our organs and all the things in our surrounding, go in resonance with us.

Each cell itself can emit and receive vibrations of a certain frequency. Emanating and receiving frequencies form control signals for each cell in the body. If we are in harmony with the vibrations in and around us, we are healthy.

Disharmonic (pathogenic) and harmonic (healthy) vibrations maintain in balance. Incorrect nutrition and environmental influences (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemical drugs, cell phones, electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, etc.) disturb this balance.

With increasing load the body loses its possibilities of compensation. This affects the control oscillations of the individual cells and their associated organs. With the system Ira has developed, it is possible to detect these influences in an early stage, on an energetic level and cure them.

On an energetic level disorders often can be recognized already, even before they show up in clinical tests (blood, urine, x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.). 

Bioresonance is used by physicians, naturopaths and medical clinics, although this method can not be explained scientifically so far and is not acknowledged by the allopathic medicine.


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