Clear Energy

During my 30 years of work as a therapist and healer (Homeopathy-TCM-BodyTalk), I repeatedly came across limits that prompted me to experiment with a large number of healing methods. For 17 years now I’ve been treating patients using Orgonomy mostly from a distance.

Unfortunately, I found that the barriers we’re exposed to nowadays are a result of air, water and radiation pollution as well as energy-related manipulation. More than once I’ve seen treatments work on the very same day with people sharing the same health problems in different regions. “There was something in the air“.

This got me suspicious and I tried to research this phenomenon. What I found was that Chemtrails do exist along with a range of energy frequencies influencing and manipulating our energy-related system (e.g. satellites, HAARP, 3-4-5G, etc).

I also found that these frequencies poison our Higher Self and our energetic field by entering our DNA-connection. That DNA-connection should only be with the source.

We all want to believe that we live in a good world, but unfortunately, we can’t change the involuntary pollution and manipulation easily, and certainly not quickly, so we have to take measures ourselves.

As a practical person, I don’t care about why and where these negative influences are coming from. I do care about neutralizing them.

With APHIENAI I have created three products, based on physics and Orgonomy, which offer comprehensive protection and a harmonious energy flow within ourselves and with everything in existence.

Aphienai after the Greek Goddess of wisdom.

One of the APHIENAI‘s  can be placed in your house to create a neutral atmosphere, one is an amulet that you carry with you to be protected everywhere and the third APHIENAI are pills that protect you for a certain period of time (1 packet is sufficient for approx. 3 months).

The effectiveness of APHIENAI can be measured with kinesiology.


We are insufficiently aware of our potential as human being

What if:

  • We appeal more to our inner wisdom
  • We live based on our inspiration
  • We give more room to our creativity and intuition
  • We believe that we have creation power ourselves
  • We have the ability to communicate telepathically
  • We are able to have contact with other dimensions
  • We live together in peace and harmony on an equal footing

All pollution and manipulative frequencies make us sick and keep us away from our spiritual development and potential.

What APHIENAI can do for you:

  • Cleans up all influences and manipulative energies in your energetic field.
  • Protects you against these negative influences
  • Connects your DNA to the source
  • Promotes awareness
  • Supports your development process
  • Is a perfect support for any kind of therapy, healing and spiritual transformation process


With APHIENAI you can live a healthier life without negative influences or manipulation and you don’t even have to worry about it, but it may take some time to clean up your energetic field.

It is very important to have a clear mind.

You also contribute to the healing of the earth and all that lives in your environment with APHIENAI.


Ira Psarianou


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