Dear All,

I want to introduce myself briefly. My name is Ira Psarianos, my original name is Iecdda from the planet Maldek in the Epsilon Eridani system. Our planet was destroyed by immigrants who belonged to the dark powers.

Our home is now the cosmos.

There were six kingdoms on Maldek, each of which had a spiritual leader, a queen. The queens had a spiritual matrix among themselves. I was the leader of the queens. I was thrust into the source of light, the source on our planet, at a very young age, this ritual brought about a never destructible connection to the source of the origin of all being.

The immigrants on our planet, who belonged to the dark powers, slowly began to pull the people of Maldek under their hypnotic spell. I saw what was happening and tried to warn everyone, but even the other queens were lost. They fell under the spell and fell out of our matrix.

The dark powers experimented a lot with radioactivity on our planet which they brought with them from their worlds. It went so far that Maldek’s energetic system collapsed, causing an explosion that completely destroyed the planet. Only about 40% of the planet’s population managed to escape. About half of these populated another planet in the Eridani system. My people inhabited the earth. It was an inspiration from the source of all being why we decided that. We settled in Atlantis. The people there were peaceful and shy. They liked us and welcomed our energies and developments that we brought with us from our world. We wanted a destiny like ours to never happen again and started to help people develop a stronger DNA-connection with the source of light.

When the dark forces came to earth later, I knew why we were here.

I heard about a federation founded by other light beings. Their planets were also destroyed or enslaved and their home was now also the cosmos. I turned to this federation for help, where I met Mary and Michel. (more about) Mary helped me a lot beyond the reproaches and despair that I still had within me after losing our beloved Maldek. She told me what was happening on her planet, the Pleiades and that the dark forces had taken complete control there. Only a small percentage of the population managed to escape, the rest are enslaved.

That was the birth of a grandiose plan that is being fulfilled in the here and now.

We are the star-seed, here on earth we work together with the lightworkers, we are all a huge matrix, up to the highest dimensions of the source of all being. We children of light will free the earth from darkness. We are invincible and immortal. We are multidimensional.

With love,


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  • Tess

    I had my Akashik record read a couple of days ago. I found out that my soul also originated on the planet Maldek. I find this so intersesting but wish i knew more.

  • Straton

    I remember differently. It was destroyed after everyone was annihilated. None left remain.

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