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Welcome to Mirali

On the following pages we want to give you an insight in the healing methods and products of Ira Psarianou, the founder of MIRALI.

Ira believed that the body is an extremely complex ecosystem that involves a delicate balance between psychological biochemical functions, the interplay of the emotional and mental, and environmental influences.

In order for it to be healthy, it is necessary to balance all of these factors as a coherent whole.

Together with her niece Mira they developed various Orgone activated products to help the body keep the balance and be protected from environmental influences, especially in this time of transformation on earth.

In the end of January 2022 Ira’s soul travelled to a different realm.

Ira always had so much love for everybody in need.

She was part of healing the world.

Where she is now, she is much stronger and can guide us even better.

Mira wants to continue bringing Ira’s products into the world, precisely because they are important in this transformation period.

Love and light,


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