Multidimensional Healing

When we are what is called ‘ill’, it is just a being stuck in between dimensions. Healing is a process of growth. (Click here to find out more about dimensions.)

We live in a world of polarity. Viewed under a microscope, everything consists of atoms with a negative and a positive part. Only in the voltage of opposites, the flow of energy, the stream of life, can exist.

We are in an ongoing motion between negative and positive, but also in a continuous movement between dimensions. These movements have to take place in a harmonious flow. Where there is no movement, so the life energy is stagnated, the so called ‘disease’ can manifest itself.

Therefore disease is actuality a limitation of the natural flow of life, which impedes the soul on its journey through the space-time continuum.

Multidimensional Healing

These restrictions can be of various types, for example hereditary / genetic constraints, restrictive social / religious structures, narrowing family structures or negative / health disruptive influences from outside.

Our soul is multidimensional and in a constant exchange with all that is.

The space-time continuum is 4 dimensional and thus a limitation of our true self.

And yet it has the potential to our development, if we manage to equalize positive and negative and develop ourselves dimensional.

From this perspective, illness and death is just an illusion and more a stagnation in our progression between dimensions. Multidimensional Healing is a paradigm for the synchronization of the body-soul connection and applicable to any physical or mental Imbalance.


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