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In how far is the harmonic flow of our growth process being manipulated or blocked? We live in a world full of environmental toxins and unnatural influences (disharmonic vibration frequencies). For example unnatural foods (foods that have been modified chemically or genetically), indoor toxins, fumes, cigarettes, alcohol and co., Vaccinations, most medications, cell phone radiation, nuclear energy or in general atomic power stations.
All these unnatural influences decrease our own vibration level.
Over the years of practicing healing  together with my niece Mira, we encountered repeatedly interference from outside which caused blockages in the self-healing process. Therefore we developed various products to neutralize the negative effects of these oscillations, so that healing can take place from within (inner exchange of information) and from outside (energetic neutral environment).

Orgone Activated Products

To comprehend why our products are so successful and efficient, it is necessary to understand the composition and the inner processes within „matter”.
Below by the term „matter“ we describe everything that is alive. That can be the earth as a whole. That can be plants, animals or the human being. But also particular organs, cells, blood and the nervous system. It is meridians and chakras – the very everything that is alive and contributes to the life of something bigger. This alive matter has three properties. It is the properties of particles, of oscillation and of energy.
Traditional physics and biology believe that something can not have at the same time the properties of particles and oscillation.

Why do traditional physics and biology believe that this can not be so?
Let us have a closer look at particles, oscillation and energy:


The view that alive matter consists of smallest, indivisible particles has a long tradition in physics. In the beginning of physics these smallest particles were the atoms. From there developed the known atomic model.

Further research though showed that the atoms again consist of much smaller particles. Atoms are composed of an atomic nucleus – which is charged positively, and of a series of electrons – which are charged negatively. The electrons spin around the nucleus. This already shows that even an atom in itself is not matter through and through in the conventional sense, but consists of a series of smallest particles which together build the atom and that between these particles there is a lot of „air” (space).

These particles have very particular properties: They can be located exactly. Their mass is precisely assignable. Particles can not erase each other and they can jolt each other keeping their form and so initiate movement.

Furthermore it has been found that these particles spin around their own center. There are particles that spin to the left and particles that spin to the right. This spin is responsible for keeping the matter together.

The particles that spin around to the left are electrically charged negative, the ones that spin around to the right are electrically charged positive. As an atom always is composed of particles with left- and right-spin, there is a flow of electricity between the particles within the atom. Without these divergent electrical poles the particles could not hold together.


Oscillation can be imagined as an ocean wave which brakes on the shore. Interesting for the observation of alive matter is that the diverse oscillations can influence each other. You can imagine this like two waves clashing and so neutralizing each other. But waves can also affect each other and become stronger. They can even align each other in a new way, so when two waves have met, the new resulting wave is a mixture of the before existing ones.

The traditionally influenced western mind assumes that these properties – particles, oscillation and energy – can not be united because they exclude each other. The eastern tradition though gives us another picture. Since thousands of years  they know that something can definitely have the properties, each of which represents the end of one polarity and it is finally  describable only by these polar properties (Yin – Yang – principle). But also in the West this world view has begun to establish itself. One of the beginnings lies in the examination of the properties of light that some physicians, e.g. Heisenberg, undertook. When light was examined as if it would consist only of particles, it also showed the typical properties of particles.

When the same light was examined as if it was an oscillation wave, properties of oscillation were found. These examinations were the beginning of the so called Quantum physics and went into the history books under the term „uncertainty principle” of Heisenberg.

They show us the following: Things unite in themselves two, for the western mind opposite, properties. They are at the same time particle and oscillation. Both properties are necessary to leave alive matter be what it really is. They are polar properties, i.e. they are mutually dependent.

Our view of alive matter though does not only consist of this one polar interdependence, but of two further polar relations, viz. the polarity of matter and energy and the polarity of oscillation and energy.

The connection between the particle aspect of matter and energy was found by Albert Einstein who expressed it in the world famous formula e = m x c² and built his theory of relativity on it. The formula says nothing else than energy equals matter by speed of light squared. In other words than mathematically this means that energy is another form of matter or respectively that matter is another form of energy.

Again, here we find the dual aspect of two properties. On the one hand matter is understood as particles, as we described above. At the same time though in this view it is also energy. Energy has some particular properties too. It is necessary for every form of movement, transformation, turn and alike. Without energy the alive matter would not be alive. Energy leads to the jolting of the single particles, to the formation of new particles and the regeneration of used ones.

The property of oscillation also has a polar energetic aspect, i.e. the oscillation of alive matter is a polar opposite to energy. The connection between oscillation and energy was indicated by the French scientist Lakhovsky in the year 1936. In various experiments he showed that the energy level of alive matter has a certain impact on the oscillation frequency of cells. The lower the energy level of the alive matter, the higher the possibility for the level of oscillation to decrease and so for the cells to become more vulnerable to attacks by pathogenic organisms.

We can imagine this to be like this: If we look at the property of oscillation of alive matter as a wave, the existing energy determines its strength, i.e. its height, its width, the force with which it is braking on the shore and also the power with which it enforces itself against waves that move differently. If the alive matter is provided with little energy, its waves are getting weaker and less resistant against other waves which try to change its form, its oscillation, its frequency, its height and its occurrence.

So, matter has three poles (particles, oscillation, energy) and consists of three interdependent relations of polarity. To reach the healing of the body in a subtle, ethereal way, we have to consider all three aspects. First of all the energy and the oscillation, as they are immediately interdependent und influence each other. Oscillation exists before matter is formed. The right oscillation can form the right matter. If the right oscillation (information) exists, we need energy to form matter, e.g. the human body. Imagine how many units of information are for example within an egg cell. If but one information (pattern of oscillation) within this cell is not existing or existing in a wrong way, there can be serious consequences for the emerging new life. We have exactly the same situation if oscillations meet less than the necessary units of energy. Even though in this case there are the right form-giving conditions, there is not enough mass for modelling which the oscillation needs to form matter. Oscillation though is not only needed for forming the matter, but also for keeping it. Once the human body e.g. is formed from information and units of energy, it must then keep its form (pattern of oscillation) through enough energy. If the level of energy decreases, the oscillation pattern (information) changes its frequency equivalently.

Our products are programmed in way that they create a field of energy which consists of oscillation frequencies that are enriched with Orgone energy. Unwanted patterns of oscillation and negative frequencies are so balanced and neutralized effectively and lastingly.


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