To contribute to the energy transition to the 5th dimension that our planet is currently going through, we, Ira Psarianou and Mary Koehler are channeling information about this process and what the new world will look like. We, humans, are going from an ego-consciousness to a heart-bearing consciousness. As a channel of source energy, we bring this information out through a blog, because that information is now needed and can be distributed quickly in this way. We do this under the pseudonym Irma, which means all encompassing. We follow our intuition and have absolutely no idea how this will develop.

Since we are now living in a manipulated world, we will first present the current situation concisely. Sources other than Irma go into this much more extensively, so we keep this part as short as possible.

We write this to be able to reverse the prevailing negative forces and especially to contribute to the awakening of man so that a change of consciousness can take place. We now live in a similar time as in the period of Atlantis. There are many parallels between the current world situation and the end time of Atlantis. With this big difference that the energy of the source is now much stronger. Through this blog we want to reach as many people as possible and bring about a reunion of light workers. Now is the time to get together again so that everyone can connect in love.

Our information is essentially positive and is about how to get out of this manipulation to support the transition to the 5th dimension.

How would it be in the new world of the 5th dimension and above?

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