Mystery schools

We incarnated for the second time on earth in the Greek city of Mistras in 1425 during the Byzantine period. At that time Mistras was an important city where a community lived that taught students on a mystery school. Worldwide there were seven mystery schools where lightworkers passed on their higher knowledge. Through those mystery schools we, lightworkers from the time of the Jesus incarnation, found each other again. In Mistras we formed a spiritual group that had a truth to bring, the same truth that is now more and more apparent in our time. What we were taught was how to live here on earth in connection with the source and that manipulation takes place from the satellites. By realising this, it is possible to exceed death [see satellites blog post]. This is the same knowledge which Jesus and his Apostles brought to people on earth.

Confederates of the Reptilians were sent to all mystery schools worldwide, including Mistras, to track us lightworkers and our followers. We were betrayed by some unreliable students. We and nineteen of our relatives were captured, tortured, satanic ritually abused and most of them killed.

We ourselves were not murdered but taken by the Reptilians into a UFO and abducted to Africa. In that UFO they poisoned our DNA by injecting a green liquid with far-reaching consequences. As a result, our chakras didn’t work well together anymore. They did this because they knew that we had more skills, such as telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation and channelling, and they wanted to eliminate that. Because of this poison our DNA was marked so they could easily trace us wherever we were to manipulate us with their satellite energy. In addition, it weakened our connection to the source, we lost the memory of our identity and the knowledge for our mission. We became useless.

From UFOs, light-beings tried to help us improve our connection to the source. In this way esoteric information from those light-beings and star seeds reached us and taught us again about our identity.

At that time the Reptilians kidnapped all the lightworkers on earth to manipulate their DNA. They also infected them with viruses, which ensured that the DNA was open to various diseases.

About 300 years later, after they disabled the most important lightworkers, these abductions stopped.

We lived for some time after the poisoning. We didn’t die naturally in the end, but of the consequences of injecting the green liquid that had poisoned our endocrine system.

That poisoning and the satellite energy made us mortal and part of the incarnation process.

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