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Looking at our origin, we lightworkers are not from earth. We originate from the 9th dimension and we each come from a different planet. This is what we refer to, when we speak of our planetary origin. We are old souls who have come to earth with a certain degree of consciousness and a task which is related to the energy shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension that is currently going on. We are part of this process of awareness which revolves around shifting from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness. 

The lightworkers on earth who are connected to the 9th dimension have a higher level of consciousness which they want to bring to earth. They aim to create a greater awareness of love. Previously, this was not possible because the energy level on earth was too low and too heavy. The constellation of the stars on December 21st 2012 allowed for higher energies to reach earth and its inhabitants. This enabled them to become connected to the source – which is a usual thing for us as lightworkers of the 9th dimension. We feel a strong urge for truth, love, unity and peace. The term lightworker does not refer to being special or superior to anybody else but it symbolizes wisdom and experience.

The planetary origin for one of us lies in one of the star clusters of the Pleiades.

Pleiadians are extraterrestrial beings and they evolved from angels. They lead peaceful and harmonious lives with a heart-based consciousness. Everyone contributes to the community with their gift. They support each other in terms of development and live by the principles of freedom and respect for every being. Everyone is equal. There, high quality Food is available in abundance. There are no diseases or death.

There is also a star cluster of the Pleiades that is in a far-reaching phase of destruction. One of us goes on a mission to that part of the Pleiades in order to contribute to a raised awareness for the preservation of that planet. The negative extraterrestrial forces are a vast majority. It is a dark war that has been going on for thousands of years. Slowly more and more is destroyed by experimenting with microwaves which they invented. This slowly makes life impossible.

The extraterrestrial civilization that lives on that part of the Pleiades is heavily manipulated and therefore facing its destruction. And so is their planet. There is a resistance that seeks to reduce the manipulation. They are cooperating with other lightworkers to reverse this negative process. Secret meetings are organized to transmit our information telepathically in order to inform and support these beings. The information we are transmitting telepathically comes from the source which we have a direct connection with. Initially, our support has been well appreciated. In a certain moment, however, we lost the support and meeting became more difficult. There are several schools of thought which lead to polarization. They are no longer connected to their guides and their Higher Selves. This causes destruction and division. The dark forces are too strong. That negative force has also been active during the Atlantis period. Here on planet Earth the same thing is going on right now.

On the Pleiades the beings turned against the lightworkers which resulted in the destruction of a part of the Pleiades. Therefore, this mission was not successful and some of the lightworkers were able to flee to another planet.

As mentioned above, one of us originates from the Pleiades. The other is originally from planet Maldek which is located in the solar system Epsilon Eridani. At that time, other types of extraterrestrial beings lived on Maldek, as well. The negativity was already there. The dragons experimented with atomic energy on Maldek and blew up the planet along with other planets. The inhabitants of Maldek traveled to planet Achele in the same solar system. Now, Maldek no longer exists. 

After the destruction of Maldek there was a kind of federation, the Galactic Federation, consisting of inhabitants of Sirius, Epsilon Eridani, Pleiades, Acturius and Alpha Centauri. They have always been in good contact with each other. People are aware of the danger and the cooperation between the Fallen Angels, the Reptilians and the Dragons as well as all the destruction which is going on. The negative extraterrestrials plan to travel to planet Earth. They don’t want to totally destroy Earth but gain control over the people there. They aim to use them as allies for their plans. The light beings of the Galactic Federation want to stop the prevailing negative developments and travel to Earth to try to turn the process around positively. Through this Galactic Federation we lightworkers were connected with each other. We went to Atlantis, but that job was a lot bigger than we thought. There were the negative energies of the Fallen Angels, the Reptilians and the Dragons and our positive energies. We are committed to prevent the negative energy from getting stronger, but so far without success.

We have suffered from the consequences of losing our planets for a long time, but then again that has empowered us to carry on with our mission here on planet Earth.

The lightworkers at the time of Atlantis and now on planet Earth are here to bring balance to the energy, so people are able to achieve a higher energy and a greater consciousness.

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Link: http://thegreaterpicture.com/galactic-federation.html

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