Orgone & Distance Healing

Orgone & Distance Healing

Orgone is the name used for Life-Energy in general. In the Far East Life-Energy is the basis of health and is a part of all traditional therapies. It is called for example “Chi” in China or “Prana” in India.

Dr Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957):

Even in the Western world the concept of Life-Energy spreads more and more since Dr Wilhelm Reich, the founder of Orgonomy, was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy and he named this energy “Orgon” around 1939.

As a result of his studies, we learn that Life-Energy is the basis of all life, not just based on physical, chemical or thermal energy, but, additionally an energy in its own right, Orgone.

Awaken and enhance your self-healing powers with harmonic frequencies

Arno Herbert developed a technology in the field of bioinformatics and quantum physics, which makes it possible to transfer harmonizing resonance vibrations, with an Orgone radiator, to the body through samples of DNA.

Therefore it is possible to heal also from distance.

Disharmonic (pathogenic) information is superimposed by harmonic information, to balance our primal energy.

With the Orgone radiator, ingredients of homeopathic remedies, vitamins and other substances can be transmitted and applied as bioinformation basis.

It supports the excretion of pathogenic (disease-causing) information from contaminated food, heavy metals, solvents and addictive drugs or pharmaceuticals.

The Orgone radiator can also be used to harmonize body, mind and soul in overreactions to pollen, food intolerances, lack of energy, pain, psychosomatic and degenerative disharmony, neuralgia and in many other cases.

Each cell is reprogrammed to remember its original, healthy state
and to operate again normally, without any negative side effects or loads.

Due to legal reasons should be noted that in naming the exemplified cases above, of course a salvation or the guarantee of relief or improvement of  listed pathological conditions is not promised.  Orgone is used by some alternative practitioners and medical clinics, although this method can not be explained scientifically so far and is not acknowledged by the allopathic medicine.


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