The 7 cosmic dimensions of creation

Every existence in the universe is surrounded and permeated by dimensions. These dimensionalities are present at all times, since they have always existed and will always exist in their infinity and flow through everything. These dimensions are everywhere and continuously affect our lives. But some of these dimensions can’t be perceived by us due to their high frequency vibrations and are hard to grasp for the human mind.

The 1st dimension – Minerals, length and unreflected ideas

From a cosmic-material point of view the 1st dimension is the dimensionality of minerals. Consciousness and free will play an inferior part here. Everything works by itself and serves to maintain universal systematics. From a physical point of view the 1st dimensionality is the dimension of length. In this dimension height and width don’t exist but only infinite length. From an intellectual point of view this dimension can be considered as unreflected thoughts. Not an implemented thought, not a thought that has been animated by significant sensations but simply an unreflected idea.

The 2nd dimension – Plants, width and unreflected ideas

Everything in universal existence is made of conscious, subtle energy and this energy breathes life into any creation, any existence. But plants can’t create 3, 4 or 5 dimensional thought patterns as humans do and act accordingly. Nature acts intuitively out of the natural creative act and strives for balance, harmony and preservation – or life, respectively. Looking at the 2nd dimension from a purely physical point of view, it’s the dimension of width. Now the line mentioned earlier gets a width to it’s length.

It’s becoming visible and starts throwing a shadow. The unreflected idea mentioned earlier in the 1st dimension is now reflected upon and separates into two opposites. We create trains of thought but don’t act according to them, we grapple with thoughts to a limited extent but don’t manifest, don’t implement them.

The 3rd dimension – Earthly existence, dense energy, height and exploring free will

The 3rd dimension is by far the most dense dimensionality (density = low frequency vibration of energy/ low trains of thoughts) It’s the dimension of reality of our 3 dimensional, earthly existence. This is where we experience and manifest our conscious way of thinking and our acting freely. From a human point of view the 3rd dimensionality is therefore the dimension of acting – or limited acting, respectively.

The thought that was previously reflected now comes to life and manifests itself in the physical reality. The 3rd dimension is, furthermore, the place where our low thoughts reside. In this dimension our thinking is limited or better yet: we limit our thinking ourselves by only understanding and believing what we see. We only believe in material, clearly visible things.

This level of existence was created for us to explore our free will. We are at this level solely to create negative and positive experiences to learn from them and understand them afterwards. From a physical point of view the length and the width are joined by height. This is where spatiality or spatial, three-dimensional thinking originate from.

The 4th dimension – Spirit, time

In the 4th dimensionality the spatial idea is joined by time. Time is a mysterious structure with no form and often limits and leads our physical existence. Most people act according to time and thus are frequently under pressure. But time is relative and hence manageable, changeable. Since everybody has their own reality, everybody equally has an individual perception of time.

Time is the reason why we frequently limit our skills and abilities ourselves.. We often hinder ourselves with negative, past or future related trains of thought and thus receive negativity. We feel less worth due to past situations and events and receive a lot of pain from the past that way. But time is really just an illusionary concept that solely shapes your physical, spatial existence.

Because actually time in the traditional sense does not exist. Past, present and future situations are merely silhouettes of the present moment. We don’t live in time but in the “now”, an eternally expanding moment that has always existed, always exists and will always exist.

The 5th dimension – Love, understanding of the subtleness and self-awareness

The 5th dimension is a thin and light dimension. Low creative acts can’t find stability here and cease to exist. In this dimension there are only light, love, harmony and freedom. The 5th dimension has, as any other dimension or living creature, a certain vibration frequency and by increasing its own vibration (food with high frequency vibrations, positive thoughts, feelings and acts) we synchronize or adapt with the five-dimensional vibration structure.

The more love, harmony, happiness and peace we manifest in our reality, the more we incorporate five-dimensional actions, feelings and thoughts. Five-dimensional people understand that the entire universe, everything in existence is made of energy and that this energy vibrates due to the particles (atoms, electrons, protons, Higgs Boson, etc.) in it. They understand that universes, galaxies, planets, people, animals and nature are made of the same, all-permeating, high frequency vibrating energy. They don’t vex themselves with low actions such as jealousy, envy, greed, hatred, intolerance or other patterns of low actions.

The 6th dimension – Higher level emotions, superior acts

The 6th dimension is an even more thin and light dimensionality than the previous. You could say that the 6th dimension is a place of higher level emotions, actions and feelings. In this dimensionality patterns of low thoughts can’t exist, since you understood life and mainly act out of the godly aspects of life.

You left your egotistic identity, the supracausal mind behind and the identification with god or the existence vibrating with a high frequency manifests in your own reality. You incorporate love, harmony and happiness permanently without being overpowered by low, burdening trains of thought. You only act in a superior way since your self-awareness and high frequency vibration-experiences shaped your life in a positive way.

The 7th dimension – Infinite subtleness, outside of time and space, Christ level/Awareness

The 7th dimension is the infinite subtleness of life. This is where physical or material structures disappear, since the energetic structure vibrates at such a high frequency that space-time dissolves entirely. In this dimension there are no limits, no space and no time.

There are other dimensions, 12 in total, but the others are purely subtle and are explained at another time.


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